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ADD:No.7,1ST,Xifang Benggang Industrial Area Beizha,Humen Dongguan, Guangdong, China


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July 26, 2018 Updated Version

Notice !!!

1. Since October 1999 till today, only here at,No.5,1ST,Xifang Benggang Industrial Area Beizha,Humen Dongguan,Guangdong,China.

2. Our company has no illegal network links with other same trade or business.

3. There are no other Dogguan addresses advailable on the internet.


Company profile:

Dongguan Yacenter, specializes in the production of steam engine car, antenna, industrial machinery, electronics, motors, and

other wiring. As well as designing and customizing products for customers, we also supply items needed by our second-tier

suppliers systems and worldwide car manufacturers.Our company has passed the IATF 1649-2016 certification and

UL processing production. In 2001, ERP enterprise resource management system was introduced to improve production

efficiency,including a variety of fully automated production equipments in the factory.